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Hamilton Center for Child Advocacy

In 2023, the Hamilton Center for Child Advocacy provided refuge to more than 1,000 children from our River Valley communities. Many of these children have endured significant hardships in silence for too long. At the Hamilton Center, our primary goal is to break the silence surrounding the pain of abuse. Each day, our team collaborates with state, federal, and nonprofit agencies to promptly and comprehensively respond to reports of child abuse.

Our team of forensics interviewers creates a safe space where children can share their experiences, often feeling true safety for the first time. Our compassionate nurses conduct thorough physical exams with care and respect, gathering crucial evidence for collaboration with law enforcement. Simultaneously, our mental health therapists offer trauma-focused therapy, helping children find their voices as they begin their healing journey.

Our advocates support both children and caregivers, providing assistance and strength as they navigate through life-changing events. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure that every child has the opportunity to live free from the shadows of abuse. It's time for us to come together and transform our community into a sanctuary for these vulnerable children.

Thank you to our dedicated partners:

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    True Grit Grounds: Coffee and Tea
  • Monarch 61 Project
    Monarch 61 Project
  • Mercy
  • Evangel Temple
    Evangel Temple
  • Central Christian Church
    Central Christian Church