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Medical Exams

A specialized medical exam is offered to any child who has allegations or concerns of abuse. We offer exams to all clients free of charge if requested by the investigator or if you feel your child needs one.  Our SANE nurse (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) is specifically trained pediatric examiners in child physical and sexual abuse.  Medical exams are child-friendly and often relieve any anxiety that you or your child may have about their body.  A physical abuse exam is similar to a regular check-up at your child's doctor.  A sexual abuse exam is also similar to a regular check-up but does include an examination of the genital area for any abnormalities.  When the exam is over, the nurse will be able to explain the results to you in general terms.  You may be present for the exam if your child wants you to be.  Our goal is for your child to as comfortable as possible.


Purpose of Exam

The purpose of the exam is to collect evidence and document trauma if present (especially in acute cases). The exam is also used to assess for and treat sexually transmitted infections, injuries, and pregnancy. Most importantly, it is performed to reassure the child and family that his/her body is okay.

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