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We firmly believe that every child deserves to live in a community committed to their protection and well-being.

Demonstrate your support for the children in our community by gaining knowledge about the effects of child abuse and how to recognize and report it.

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Empowering Survivors

With your help we have significantly improved the community by providing essential resources, fostering empowerment, and catalyzing positive, sustainable change.

  • Forensic Interviews


  • Clients Served


  • Therapy Sessions


  • Sexual Assualt Exams


Thank you to our dedicated partners:

  • True Grit Grounds: Coffee and Tea
    True Grit Grounds: Coffee and Tea
  • Monarch 61 Project
    Monarch 61 Project
  • Mercy
  • Evangel Temple
    Evangel Temple
  • Central Christian Church
    Central Christian Church