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Forensic Interviews

Your child's interview is a critical part of the investigation.  The forensic interviewer will meet your child and escort them to the interview room,  The interview is not an interrogation and is structured to encourage your child to talk about their experience using their own words.  The interviewer is the only person in the   Part of the interviewer's job is to make sure your child is comfortable throughout the interview.  If they show extreme stress or anxiety. 

A forensic interview is a single-session, recorded interview designed to elicit a child’s unique information when there are concerns of possible abuse or when the child has witnessed violence against another person. The forensic interview is conducted in a supportive and non-leading manner by a professional trained in the Child First Forensic Interview Protocol model.

The forensic interviewer will be the only person in the room with your child.  Interviews are remotely observed and recorded by representatives of the agencies involved in the investigation (such as law enforcement, Arkansas State Police, and DCFS). This improves communication among the agencies involved in the case, as well as reduces the amount of times your child has to retell their story during the investigation.  However, there may be a point when your child could be called to testify in court.  If that occurs, we will be able to assist.  Only the investigative team can see the recorded interview unless a court order says otherwise.


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